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december 2011

Canon commandos vs. Nikon terrorists fun
How to lose 2400 dollar in 24 seconds video
Canon 1000D found after a year in the ocean remarkable

november 2011

Nikon Speedlight SB-910 announced product_announcements
Video: introduction to studio photography video
Impressive time lapse video from space video
Strobist jet pack; studio on the road strobist
Polaroid Z340 camera with printer announced product_announcements

october 2011

Lytro Light Field Camera announced product_announcements
Canon EOS 1D X announced product_announcements
Timelapse; Landscapes: volume 2 video

september 2011

Wacom launches new Bamboo pen tablet product_announcements
Wacom launches 24 inch interactive pen display product_announcements
Natasha's Story by photographer Rick Smolan video
Is a Group-on deal worth it for a photographer? marketing
Jpeg mini; smaller files without loss of quality webtools
Samsung NX200 announced product_announcements

august 2011

CMYKilla is back; Photoshop Rap part 2 fun
Kelby launces iPad Magazine on lighting media
Sony Alpha 77 and Alpha 65 announced product_announcements
Daily dose of painfully bad photography fun
Lightroom: comparing the before and after lightroom_tips
Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk 2011 other
Lightroom: adding a vignette to your photo tutorials
Control your camera with your Android device software
Free eBook on street photography by Thomas Leuthard books

jule 2011

How to build an infinite background - the sexy way video
RAW Codec for Windows 7 software
Will Nikon introduce a mirrorless camera? rumours
Dell introduces new 24 inch IPS monitor product_announcements
Photographers Chess fun
Special slideshow effect: stop motion fusion tips_and_tricks
Slovanian photographer ordered to delete his pano's news
Adjusting your background for a better photo fun
Photographers Rube goldberg machine fun
Nikon announces affordable 40mm f/2.8 macro lens product_announcements
Cuddle with your lenses fun
Use your Canon or Nikon lenses on your iPhone fun
Google Plus claims the right to your photos news
Mimic Instagram Filters with Photoshop tips_and_tricks
Manual photography cheat sheet fun

june 2011

Olympus Pen E-P3, Pen Lite and Pen Mini announced product_announcements
Pentax Q; compact with interchangeable lenses product_announcements
Lytro camera lets you focus afterwards news
Leica M9-P and 21mm f/3.4 announced product_announcements
How to get people into great poses video
Find (mis)usage of photos via Google Image Search websites
Canon EF-S 55-250mm lens renewed product_announcements
Compostion tip; rule of thirds tips_and_tricks
Lightroom tutorial; from dull gray to summery look video_tutorials
Huge 360 degree panorama of the night sky panorama
Sony SLT-A35 announced product_announcements
Battle At F-Stop Ridge fun
Pentax O-GPS1 geotagging unit product_announcements
Datacolor introduced color calibration for the iPad software
Leica 50mm wedding rings fun

may 2011

Leica 0-serie sold for over 1.3 million euro news
Parrot Dia; digital photo frame product_announcements
Cinemagraphs; bringing photos to life remarkable
Cutting a Leica lens in half fun
iPhone used for professional photos video
Time lapse video; the Mountain video
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 announced product_announcements
Canon vs Nikon; who wins the battle? fun
Find your stolen camera via the internet webtools

april 2011

33 most beautiful female nude photography inspiration
Speeding cars photography; a day at the race track personal
DIY: how to make a digital film cassette tutorials
Piclet declares war on big photo stock sites stockphotography
Photosynth; create 360 degrees pano's with the iPhone panorama
Store you photos digitally in film cassettes fun
Adobe to launch three iPad apps for Photoshop software
Nikon leaks new Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens rumours
Adobe introduces CS5.5 and subscriptions software
Secrets to black and white photography success black_and_white
42 stunning black and white photos inspiration
Preview: Nikon D5100 reviews
Create your own cardboard Hasselblad remarkable
How CCD sensors are made video
Adobe launched Photoshop Family feedback site websites

march 2011

Review: Canon 5D mark II reviews
Compact Flash card reader for iPad product_announcements
10 tips for beginner photographers tips_and_tricks
Lightroom Tutorial; adjust the capture time video_tutorials
Gear isn't everything; lighting for 70 euros video
Stunning Aurora Borealis Time-lapse video video
Nikon D3 shutter and aperture video video
Photography technique; shooting through an object tips_and_tricks
How to use the Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool video_tutorials
Which camera to buy for DSLR beginners basics
Black and White Photography; the world without color tips_and_tricks
Professional Imaging and Matt Kloskowski personal
Focus stacking; creating a large depth of field tips_and_tricks
Noam Galai; The Stolen Scream video
The Apple iPad 2 for photographers tips_and_tricks
Eizo introduces 27 monitor inch with self-calibration product_announcements
Camera capture; a weird short comedy film fun
Lensbaby introduces the Lensbaby Sweet 35 product_announcements
Yuri Arcurs; the perfect studio fun

february 2011

Five new lenses for the Samsung NX system product_announcements
Tourist photos blended together fun
Armand Dijcks abstract 'Time in Motion' photos photographers
Lightroom: Saving changes to file video_tutorials
Composition tip; cutting off body parts tips_and_tricks
Photographer nearly eaten by lioness fun
Canon 600D and Canon 1100D announced product_announcements
Nokia N8 versus Canon 5D mark II other
Tutorial: Whiten teeth in Lightroom video_tutorials
Datacolor Spydercube and Lightroom demo video video

january 2011

Inside look on Canons Image Stabilization video
Tutorial: Selective coloring in Lightroom video_tutorials
Phase One launches 80 megapixel digital back product_announcements
Composition tip; shoot on eye level tips_and_tricks
Chobi Cam One; a micro camera fun
Tutorial: How to soften skin in Lightroom video_tutorials
Video of how a cameras aperture works basics
CMYKilla rap Photoshop video tutorial fun
Concept camera with wireless viewfinder remarkable
Canon 7D versus Barbie Video Girl fun
Enhancing portraits; sharpening the eyes tutorials
New Olympus Pen E-PL2 introduced product_announcements
How memorycards are made at Lexar video
Composition tip; avoid the center tips_and_tricks
10 tips for taking group photos tips_and_tricks

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