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Would you like to take better photos and keep informed on the latest developments in Photography? Photofacts posts educational and fun articles that are related (in whatever way) to photography. With our articles we try to help you become a better photographer.

Initially Photofacts was started as a Dutch blog about photography as a hobby. It later grow to a small business. To further its reach, Photofacts is now available in English also (since november 2010). If you'd like to write on Photofacts too, please contact Elja Trum via .

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Photofacts International BV
t.a.v. Elja Trum
Industrieweg Oost 21
6662 NE  Elst (Gld)
The Netherlands

t +31 (0)24 359 44 11
m: +31 (0)6 - 22 383 163

Dutch CoC: 66101352

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All text and pictures on Photofacts are copyrighted Photofacts and the mentioned author, unless otherwise mentioned. This content can not be used without the written premission of the author. You're allowed to use to information from our RSS feed when you're naming the source.


We try to be as accurate as possible when writting our content. However, we can not be held accountable for incorrect information. Most articles contain the personal opinion of the author. This opinion can differ from the actual facts.

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Would you like to be able to take better pictures? Photofacts writes about photography and on how to become a better photographer daily. From quick usefull tips to reviews and more... More about Photofacts
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