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42 stunning black and white photos

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Black and white photos remain a special type of photography. The absence of color puts more emphasis on subject and lighting. We've collected 42 stunning black and white photos for you to get inspired by, or simple enjoy..

cRosSinG LinES, by Ronald Koster
cRosSinG LinES, by Ronald Koster

Untitled, by Lisa

A lone tree is a monument to its tenacity to survive against all odds
A lone tree is a monument to its tenacity to survive against all odds, by Garry

Flaws, by ashatay

Vanishing I
Vanishing, by Joel Tjintjelaar - bwvision

B&W Window Reflection
B&W Window Reflection, by Yannick Lefevre

Behind the Curtain, by Phill
Behind the Curtain, by Phill

blowball profile
Blowball profile, by Lars Kehrel

Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway (Philadelphia)
Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway (Philadelphia), by Michael Penn Photography

____, by Jaap Verhoeven

New York Stock Exchange | HDR
New York Stock Exchange (HDR), by u n c o m m o n

Lost, by AnnuskA

Skywalk 3
Skywalk, by Tony Di Lorenzo

in da hood
In da hood, by Saikiishiki

Black & Light
Black & Light, by Keith Aggett

Portrait, by Slim Letaief

Chicago- Foggy Loop Skyline in B&W
Chicago - Foggy Loop Skyline in B&W, by Doug Siefken

Spin, by Adamned Age

Io non so Parlar d'Amore
Io non so Parlar d'Amore, by FotoRita

Poppa del Romagna B/W
Poppa del Romagna, by Wild Friday

Last boat
Last boat, by P i c a

Untitled, by Erikaeyes

The Bridge by Armin Marten
The Bridge, by Armin Marten

Aves, by -dubliner-

why are you doing this to me?
Why are you doing this to me? by Jaydee

Light! {EXPLORED - FP}
Light! {EXPLORED - FP}, by David Keochkerian

Let me be your angel, by Xelia
Let me be your angel, by Xelia

Untitled, by Falsalama
Untitled, by Falsalama

Once upon a time: Penelope, by Franca Alejandra
Once upon a time: Penelope, by Franca Alejandra

Rain, I don't mind.
Rain, I don't mind, by Olivia Bee

Free Falling
Free Falling, by Dan. D.

Untitled, by Daničle Martinie

Untitled, by Emir Ozsahin

The vessel
The vessel, by Christer Johansen

In punta di piedi, by Silvia Capponi
In punta di piedi, by Silvia Capponi

The Old Lady
The Old Lady, by DufferLong

Vignale Monferrato tra le nebbie all'alba
Vignale Monferrato tra le nebbie all'alba, by Valter Venturelli

Untitled, by James Wainwright

The delicate sound of silence ...
The delicate sound of silence, by Fotofolio.be

Old Delhi, by Jacklord
Old Delhi, by Jacklord

Cask, by Steve Denny

Point Lobos, Nathan Wirth
Point Lobos, by Nathan Wirth

Click on an image to see more about the photographer on Flickr. All photos used with permission. If you wish to know more on how to shoot great black and white photos, check out our article on black and white photography or our article on secrets to black and white photography succes.

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Elja uses Twitter, is married and father of Mika and Vera.


  1. Jacobus de Boer
    Jacobus de Boer wrote on thursday 7 April 2011 at 21:24

    I only have one word for this: Wow!

  2. Yannick Lefevre
    Yannick Lefevre wrote on friday 8 April 2011 at 00:48

    hi Elja
    thanks for it, the selection is well ansd a pleasure to see some photo of my contact from Flickr here knipoog
    take care

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