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5DayDeal review: David duChemin – The Inspired Eye vol. 1

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So you thought that inspiration would naturally come to you? Well, think again! Stop passively waiting for inspiration and get working! This is one of the messages that we find in David duChemin's “The Inspired Eye”, an eBook that is included in the 5DayDeal that launched last thursday. The eBook consists of volume 1, 2 & 3. Here's a review of volume 1.

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In his eBook, duChemin is mainly speaking about creativity and inspiration among photographers. Where does creativity come from and how can you positively influence it? In volume 1 of his eBook, duChemin lays the foundation for volumes 2 and 3. He does this by explaining the basics of creativity and by arguing that “getting” inspiration is actually hard work.

Although concepts such as inspiration and creativity may seem a little abstract, the problems duChemin speaks of are common among just about every photographer. We've all had that moment where we become blank and actually have no idea what else there is out there to photograph. While reading the book, I realized that the trick is to see the absence of inspiration as a challenge, rather than as a constraint.

By using seven bullet points, duChemin brings you closer to your own creative process and how you can advance it. To give an idea: know your creative environment; embrace constraints; make more mistakes etc. Using these 7 points, the book challenges you to think further where you'd already stopped and concluded that you were having a photographic “writer's block”. And to think that it's only a teaser for volume 2 & 3!

For me, I can truly say that this eBook has inspired me to think beyond what I'm used to. It challenged me to become a lot more aware of my behavior and habits as a photographer, and I'm convinced it will help me if I were to get stuck again. I would really recommend it.

Creativity is the path on which we walk. Looking for it is missing the point.” Curious how duChemin reaches this conclusion? By purchasing the 5DayDeal you will receive (among other things) duChemin's “The Inspired Eye” volume 1, 2 & 3.

You can purchase the 5DayDeal here (affiliate link). This is available for 127 dollars. Be quick though, the deal expires tomorrow (15-09-2015) at 21:00 GMT+1.

You can also buy the book through this link, apart from the 5DayDeal, for 5 dollars. Note, however, that you'll only be getting volume 1. Volumes 2 & 3 are not included.

Increase inputs, let them incubate, then get them out there with all the willingness in the world to make mistakes and look foolish.” – duChemin, p.28

Iris van Liempt

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