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How to: abstract soap film photography

How to: abstract soap film photography

friday 4 March 2016, 09:09 | Ellen Reus | 6,267 times read | 0 comments

The shooting of soap film gives beautiful abstract results. Colors that mingle in a constantly changing pattern. In this tutorial you will learn how to do soap film photography yourself.

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Creating levitation photos

Creating levitation photos

tuesday 16 February 2016, 23:49 | Marit Hilarius | 4,042 times read | 0 comments

Other photographers who know me, know that I love magic. I'm always looking for that little magical extra, that extraordinary atmosphere. As a starting photographer three years ago I was looking for a magical challenge, and I found it in levitation photography: images in which models seem to float.

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Getting started with HDR photography

Getting started with HDR photography

monday 9 November 2015, 20:33 | Iris van Liempt | 2,247 times read | 0 comments

It has become clear that there is a lot of interest in HDR as a way of editing photos. Especially the tone mapping needed to rightfully view an HDR can create a surrealistic effect. Personally I think this is beautiful so this gave me good reason to get to work with High Dynamic Range again.

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Lightroom: adding a vignette to your photo

Lightroom: adding a vignette to your photo

friday 12 August 2011, 19:45 | Elja Trum | 5,330 times read | 0 comments

When you have vignetting in your photo you'll see (slightly) darkened edges. Vignetting is normally caused by lens errors; not all areas are evenly lit. It is, however, also very useful as a tool to focus the attention of the viewer to the center of your photo. It's easy to add using Adobe Lightroom.

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DIY: how to make a digital film cassette

DIY: how to make a digital film cassette

saturday 23 April 2011, 23:42 | Elja Trum | 14,165 times read | 1 comment

Last week we wrote about a digital film cassette you can buy from an Etsy user. In the comments Vincent posted a link to a DIY tutorial to make your own. Inspired by the idea I bought myself a compact USB stick and decided to try it myself. Here you can find my own step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own USB film cassette!

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Enhancing portraits; sharpening the eyes

Enhancing portraits; sharpening the eyes

saturday 8 January 2011, 15:21 | Elja Trum | 6,872 times read | 0 comments

The eyes are the most important subject in a portrait shot. The way your subject looks is an important part of a photo and can make the difference between a good and a bad shot. Getting the eyes in focus is therefore a big part in getting a good shot. We can amplify the effect of the eyes even more by sharpening the a little extra in post processing.

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