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iPhone used for professional photos

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Some people still think you need an expensive camera to make great photos. There are lots of examples of great photographers who aren't using state-of-the-art equipment, but somehow this isn't convincing enough. The guys from SLR Lounge created a video to show you don't need a lot of expensive gear to make good photographs.

They used the camera of an iPhone and two cheap reflectors to shot some excellent photographs. In the video below they show you how they did it. Of course the iPhone isn't cheap, but you're buying a phone, not a camera. The iPhone is used because it's a camera you often have with you. Another camera phone or cheap camera is usable too.

Perhaps this will end the whole expensive gear for good photography debate!

Source: Fstoppers

Elja Trum

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Elja Trum is founder of Photofacts and author of a Dutch book on black-and-white photography. In his daily life he is an e-business consultant with Directshop.
Elja uses Twitter, is married and father of Mika and Vera.


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Elja Trum

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