Iris van Liempt

Steven Erra, the (nearly) blind photographer

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Steven Erra is a photographer with an eye condition that is slowly deteriorating his sight and will, eventually, lead to blindness. He got diagnosed when he was nearly finished obtaining his arts degree. But that doesn't stop him as a photographer.

In this short video, Erra tells us that his sight has deteriorated so much by now that all he is able to see these days is light. Everything around it simply does not exist for Erra.

Erra uses his ability to see light to photograph using the Lightpainting technique. He shoots, among other things, models, which he exposes using Lightpainting in an otherwise completely dark setting.

Erra's not alone in this. He is currently working with the Seeing With Photography Collective, a group of sight impaired photographers who use Lightpainting to keep photographing.

Iris van Liempt

About the author

Iris started photography in 2012 and found a real passion in photography. She's attending the New York Institute of Photography and studies psychology.


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